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Trusted, experienced probate & estate attorneys.

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Trusted, experienced attorneys also serving Roseville , MN.

The probate process in Minnesota is complex and can be intimidating to navigate without the guidance of an attorney familiar with the applicable probate court rules and procedures.  The process is often further complicated by the feelings and emotions that accompany the loss of a loved one.  We are conscious of these challenges and want to help you through these difficult times.  Our family business has provided legal assistance and counseling for hundreds of probate and estate clients.  Each relationship is unique and treated with respect and sensitivity.  You can feel confident that we will make every effort to provide the same for you.

We estimate that more than 90 percent of our clientele is the result of repeat clients or referrals from clients.  We truly appreciate these referrals and will make every effort to ensure these positive referrals continue with you

We take pride in our personalized and one-on-one approach.  Initially, you will meet (or speak by phone) with one of our probate and estate attorneys to assess your situation and define your specific needs and goals.  From there, we will work together to customize a plan designed to help you accomplish your goals and answer any questions you have about the probate process.  Your confidence in us is extremely important.  If you have any questions or concerns during representation, simply call our office and the attorney you initially met or spoke with will be happy to address them.  If this attorney is unavailable, we will offer the option to speak with another available attorney in our office.  We do not operate our business in a manner where you will meet initially with a probate and estate lawyer and subsequently deal only with office assistants for the remainder of the matter. 

We realize most of our estate clients have never been a personal representative of an estate.  We'll help you understand the entire process from appointment as the personal representative (sometimes referred to as the executor or executrix of the estate) to settling and closing the estate.  We'll also assist you in fulfilling your duties and obligations as the personal representative for the estate.  In many instances, certain estates do not require probate and can be handled with a single document along with a certified copy of the death certificate.  We will help you identify if the estate falls within this category, which will save you (and the estate) time and unnecessary expense.

At Taurinskas Law Firm, you'll find experienced attorneys to assist you with any probate or trust administration issues or questions you may have in Minnesota. Our law office offers a free initial consultation for probate or estate administration matters. 

A few matters you may face once you have been left to administer a loved one's estate may include:
  • Probate & Trust Administration
  • Formal Probate (Supervised or Unsupervised)
  • Informal Probate (Supervised or Unsupervised)
  • Intestate (no will) vs. Testate (valid will)
  • Letters of General Administration vs. Letters Testamentary
  • Personal Representative (Nominated vs. Appointed)
  • Creditor's Claims and other Debts of Decedent
  • Liens, including Medical Assistance Liens
  • Payment of Utilities and Collection of Rent
  • Funeral Expenses and Debts of Last Illness
  • Real Estate Sales and Conveyances
  • Asset Identification and Distribution to Heirs and Devisees
  • Inventory, Notices, Publication, Consents, & Final Account
  • Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property (small estate affidavit for tangible assets ≤ $75,000)
  • Will Contests (Undue Influence, etc.) & Lost Original Wills
  • Ancillary Proceedings


Ensure that the probate process is completed efficiently and smoothly.  Our attorneys have over 45 years of combined legal experience.  We offer the experience and resources of a large firm while at the same time providing our clients with the convenience, accessibility and reasonable fees typical of a small firm.  At Taurinskas Law Firm, our objective is to work with you to provide the assistance you need to efficiently and effectively manage your loved one's estate and to ensure compliance with applicable laws. 

P. James Taurinskas
Brian J. Taurinskas


At our law office, our lawyers provide probate and trust administration guidance and representation in Roseville (55113) and the surrounding communities.

Please Note:  This site contains general information and not legal advice. It is based on Minnesota law in effect at the time of writing.  An experienced probate and estate planning lawyer can advise you about how the law applies to your specific situation.


     ...Roseville is a vibrant city known for its strong, safe neighborhoods, excellent business climate, quality schools and outstanding parks.

     Conveniently located ... [and] just minutes from downtown ... Roseville is a dynamic city with many civic, philanthropic and service organizations which strengthen the community...

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Roseville, Minnesota Probate & Trust Administration
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